Meet the 2017 Teams of Game On!

8 teams of individuals from communities surrounding La Crosse will compete in various party games to become the winning team and earn up to $1500 for special education programs at a local school of their choice!


CrossFit UDX Buns & Guns

Carissa Pagel-Smith, Kristen Hagmann, Cory Jacobson, and Liz Moldenhauer

Three Men and a Nancy

Pat Watters, Jeff Faas, Brian Kikkert, and Nancy Moldenhauer

Call Us Crazy

Mark Etrheim, Frank Collas, Thomas Schmitt, and Robert Smith


Sue Weidemann, Joe Kruse, Patti Lokken and Brad Quarberg

People’s Food Co-op

Lizzy Haywood, Mike Bryne, Sarah Maxey, and Carrie Thompson


Nate Hundt, Amy Briggs, Jennifer Bausch, and Denise Lorenz

The Insured Nerds

Janice Wavra, Kim Ness, Derek Peterson, and Kevin Root 

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Martha Keeffe, Ron Callender, Dawn Heiden, and Ryan Robbert