Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who can participate in the Miss RemarkAble Pageant program?

Any female thirteen or older at the time of sign up, who meets the definition of disability under the government laws and acts defining a disability  (Disability Discrimination Act 1995) is eligible to participate in the Miss RemarkAble Pageant. We are accepting contestant applications for the 2017 Miss RemarkAble Pageant from women ages 13 and older who reside in the following Wisconsin counties: La Crosse, Monroe, Jackson and Vernon along with residents from the city of La Crescent, MN.

2. What is the Miss RemarkAble Pageant program like?

The program will provide contestants with a one of a kind experience, as they are lead through the day by a group of volunteers in a supportive and enriching environment. The program consists of morning sessions held at the Salon Professional Academy that focus on: conversation, public speaking, self-esteem, and confidence building. During the morning, hair and makeup assistance will be provided by the Salon Professional Academy.

In the early afternoon, contestants and their representatives meet with judges for a one-on-one private interview. The judges ask contestants questions based on their interests and activities, based on the information provided in their About Me Sheets from the application. The interview allows contestants to practice one-on-one communication and conversation skills.

In the late afternoon, contestants participate in the pageant portion, which provides the women the opportunity to showcase their abilities and achievements onstage in front of an audience of friends, family and community members.

3. What is the pageant portion like?

Introduction: The contestant will state her name, age and favorite things. The introduction allows the contestant to gain experience with public speaking and the opportunity to show pride in her abilities.

Formal Wear: The contestant will wear he favorite evening outfit and be escorted in front of the audience. In their formal wear, the contestant has the opportunity to showcase her self-confidence and poise.

Personal Showcase: Contestants submit a “RemarkAble Me” video prior to the pageant. This is a home video, up to 90 seconds in length for contestants to showcase a talent, favorite sport or hobby. The “RemarkAble Me” video offers each contestant the chance to share with the audience and judge more about herself, as well as accomplishments and goals.

4. How are the contestants acknowledged?

During the onstage Crowning Ceremony, all contestants receive a scholarship, personalized title (Miss Kindhearted, Miss Astonishing, Miss Adventurous, etc.), a crown, sash and flowers. One contestant will be selected as Miss RemarkAble and will represent the Miss RemarkAble Pageant and Riverfront in the community!

5. How do the judges determine who will be Miss RemarkAble?

Each contestant will be judged on her ability to take the opportunities offered through the Miss RemarkAble Pageant program and to use them as tools for self-improvement and growth. Judges will be aware of and focusing on each woman’s abilities and talents, and will score the contestant in light of the given information and her performance.

6. Is there a cost required to participate?

The cost to participate is $30 and includes all of the sessions and activities throughout the day of Miss RemarkAble. This participation fee covers: breakfast, lunch, educational sessions, hair and makeup assistance and participation in the pageant.

7. Can men with disabilities be involved with the Miss RemarkAble Pageant?

Absolutely! Men have the opportunity to sign up and be ushers during the pageant portion of the program.