Riverfront can help you understand the benefits of hiring people with disabilities and will help answer your questions as well as provide support for businesses who are in the process of developing a more diversified workforce.

Through our services, we can help your business…

Understand the benefits of hiring people with disabilities

Address issues and concerns and dispel myths and fears employers may have about hiring

Address common questions or your concerns about

  • Legal liabilities
  • Making the workplace accessible
  • How to take disciplinary action

To get started, here are some links that contain information about ADA Laws, job accommodations, and hiring practices, along with other helpful links.

A guide to Disability Rights Laws

JAN – Job Accommodation Network

Reasonable Accommodations and the Americans with Disabilities Act

Employment Laws: Disability and Discrimination

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“Employees with Disabilities can Boost Business Success”

“The Benefits of Disability in the Workplace”

Success Stories From Businesses and People with Disabilities

Real People, Real Jobs

Testimonials from Our Clients


If you are looking to expand your hiring opportunities or are interested in learning about how hiring people with disabilities will affect your business, please contact our Employment Excellence department at 608-785-9450.