“I enjoy giving the participants a job; a reason to come to work each and every day.”

Todd Stittleburg, Owner, Antler King Trophy Products Inc.



“A job helps the participants remain engaged and productive members of society. It’s work that they are capable of doing.”

Theresa Kruse, Quality and Inventory Control, Production Supervisor, Co-extruded Plastics Technologies


Gundersen Lutheran Business Health Services



“Riverfront has competitive or better pricing, and with the same high-quality results!”

Scott Sklenar, Gundersen Lutheran Health System


Larry Stetzer


 “It’s a fulfillment center trained to support our business that we can count on whenever we need help.”

 Larry Stetzer, Mcloone


Stephen Woessner



“Riverfront is not asking to be treated any differently. Businesses make decisions based on quality and pricing.”

Stephen Woessner, University of Wisconsin La Crosse Small Business Development Center