“I enjoy giving the participants a job; a reason to come to work each and every day.”

Todd Stittleburg, Antler King

Todd Stittleburg, Owner, Antler King Trophy Products Inc.


Todd Stittleburg is the owner of Antler King Trophy Product Inc., a Black River Falls, WI -based business that sells deer feed and seed nationwide. He learned about Riverfront when he was talking with a buddy a couple years back.

“He and I were talking business, and I mentioned an assembly project I needed done,” Stittleburg said. “It had to do with these labels that he manufactures for us. I needed them placed on some bags. It wasn’t just a handful of bags—it was a few thousand.”

Stittleburg’s friend passed along the name of a company he figured would be up to the challenge: Riverfront, Inc.

So began the partnership between Antler King and Riverfront that is still going strong five years later. While the partnership grew out of necessity (after all, Antler King had to get the job done), it is rooted in the spirit of giving.

“I enjoy giving the participants a job; a reason to come to work each and every day,” Stittleburg said.

The most popular Antler King project at Riverfront is the assembly of deer feed sample packs that ship to stores like Gander Mountain, Cabela’s and Walmart. The project involves filling bags with seed or feed, assembling and labeling. Depending on the specific project, Riverfront completes 500 to 2,500 pieces a week for Antler King.

Partnering with Riverfront also saves Stittleburg money.

That is because Riverfront has a facility conveniently located close to Antler King’s warehouse, right in the Black River Falls’ industrial park.

“There are some cost savings for us,” Stittleburg said. “Probably the biggest savings is on shipping because we’re real close to each other. There aren’t a lot of freight expenses anymore on the finished product.”

The partnership looks solid for years to come.

“I have given Riverfront business over the years,” he said. “They’re growing with us. That’s what I foresee happening: we will continue to grow together.”