“Riverfront has competitive or better pricing, and with the same high-quality results!”

Scott Sklenar, Gundersen Lutheran Health System

Gundersen Lutheran Business Health Services

“Riverfront has competitive or better pricing, and with the same high-quality results!”

Scott Sklenar, a former marketing planner in Business Development & Marketing, now a Business Health representative at Gundersen Lutheran Health System, needed a solution for a bulk mailing challenge he was involved in. Several times a year Gundersen Lutheran Health Plan (GLHP) mailed out newsletters to every member in the Health Plan’s various groups. Previously, GLHP created, printed and distributed very separate and distinct newsletters for each member group.

This was not just time-consuming, but costly too.

With representatives from Riverfront, Sklenar, along with representatives from GLHP, sat down and charted a new course: one newsletter for all GLHP members with separate inserts for each distinct group. The change in the approach would rely heavily on Riverfront’s La Crosse workforce that specializes in manually inserting direct mail pieces.

Something no machine could do.

With so many elements, accuracy was extremely important. But from the very beginning of the relationship, Sklenar said Riverfront’s staff and supervisors exuded confidence. After all, by now, the company—established in 1977—had already done mailings millions of times. Riverfront could keep GLHP’s direct mail operation organized and on time, its staff said, and there also would be added savings.

Riverfront’s follow-up and follow-through allowed GLHP to take more of a hands-off approach. No second-guessing. No anxiety. After having the printed newsletters delivered and sending the mailing databases to the folks at Riverfront – they took care of the rest.

“That’s the beauty of Riverfront business services,” Sklenar said.

Problem solved. Challenge overcome.

In 2011, Sklenar moved into a new position in Business Health Services and has continued to utilize and recommend Riverfront’s mail fulfillment services.

“In today’s economy, pricing matters. Riverfront’s always been extremely competitive in that arena,” Sklenar said, “and they’ve always looked for ways to get the job done as efficiently as possible.”

“What I’ve found through the last couple years is that Riverfront has competitive or better pricing, and with the same high-quality results,” he said.

It’s for those reasons that he believes Riverfront has sustained itself all these years.

But, for business owners, Sklenar said, it’s not always solely about price. Businesses who work with Riverfront know their work force gets something too: a sense of accomplishment, pride and self-worth. The participants have a real job. They are being paid and in turn, they contribute to the community.

Fulfillment all the way around. There is no way a machine can do all that.