“Riverfront is not asking to be treated any differently. Businesses make decisions based on quality and pricing.”

Stephen Woessner, formerly of University of Wisconsin La Crosse Small Business Development Center

Stephen Woessner


Stephen Woessner knew he could rely on Riverfront for mailing services for the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse’s (UW-L) Small Business Development Center (SBDC). Many years, and hundreds of thousands of mailings later, Woessner knows he made the right call building a long term partnership between Riverfront and the university.

“They know how to execute,” said Woessner, the former outreach coordinator for UW-L’s SBDC.

Woessner and other campus groups were responsible for the creation and mailing of dozens of the university’s promotional campaigns. While they held down the creative side of the mailings in-house, UW-L relied heavily on Riverfront to carry out the distribution. Several times each semester, Riverfront verified addresses, applied mailing labels and delivered mailings to the post office for the SBDC mailing list of 15,000.

Turnaround time needed?

Two days.

That is a job for Riverfront. The price is right. The participants love the work. Woessner was more than satisfied with the results.

And there is more.

“Riverfront is in business to provide good and meaningful work for people with disabilities,” Woessner said. “It was a great win-win all the way around. We got a wonderful service and it was slightly less expensive. And for Riverfront participants, it’s a rewarding part their day. It’s a great way for them to feel the satisfaction of productive work.”

Woessner encourages any business with a simple, high volume, repeatable process—assembly work, bulk mailings or kitting—to consider partnering with Riverfront. After all, automation requires significant capital investment and Riverfront is a great alternative assuming those costs.

And beyond that, nothing is sacrificed.

“Riverfront is not asking to be treated any differently,” he said. “Businesses need to be able to make sound decisions based on quality and pricing, just like they would with any other service partner. I wouldn’t expect anyone to do work with Riverfront if the final product was substandard. All other things being equal, the fact that the work is being performed by people with disabilities just tips the scale to Riverfront.”

“Being able to provide the participants with that meaningful work is kind of a cool thing,” said Woessner, who is also a member of Riverfront’s Foundation board. “You have to see it with your own eyes. Everybody likes to feel productive and make a contribution a larger effort.”