Riverfront Associate Receives Award

Category: Employment

Donald Schmitt,an associate of Riverfront, has been honored as a winner of the 2012 Outstanding Older Worker Award given by Wisconsin’s Older Worker Network (Wisconsin’s OWN). He is one of two recipients statewide to receive the award. Schmitt supports participants at Riverfront through the Wisconsin Senior Employment (WISE), administered and paid for through Workforce Connections, Inc., in La Crosse.

“Our collaboration with Workforce Connections and the WISE program creates a win-win,” said Riverfront President and CEO Marcia Jagodzinske. “We have the opportunity to benefit from some outstanding volunteers, who in turn expand their skill sets and improve their opportunities for employment by working with individuals with disabilities.”

When nominating Schmitt for the award, Workforce Connections noted that from the very beginning he was kind, patient and willing to interact in whatever way was needed to help Riverfront participants succeed in their work.  Schmitt has learned ways to communicate with participants on his team–sometimes it is verbal, sometimes it is body language and sometimes it is emotive. He has even learned some sign language to communicate with deaf participants.

Award winner Don Schmitt works closely with Stacey Bullen, Riverfront Service Associate, to help participants develop vocational skills.

Stacey Bullen, left, with Donald Schmitt, winner of the 2012 Outstanding Older Worker Award