Riverfront Hosts Mayoral Forum on Role of Nonprofits in La Crosse

Category: Press Releases

La Crosse, Wisconsin- Mayoral candidates Doug Farmer and Tim Kabat will participate in forum about the role of nonprofits in La Crosse. The forum, hosted by Riverfront, Inc., will be moderated by Joe Heim, Professor Emeritus in Political Science, University of Wisconsin La Crosse. It will be held from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., Friday, March 22, at Riverfront’s La Crosse facility at 3000 South Avenue, La Crosse, WI. Nonprofit organizations throughout the city have been invited to attend and submit topics for discussion.

“The response to our invitation has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Marcia Jagodzinske, President and CEO of Riverfront. “Nonprofit community leaders play a vital role in La Crosse, and we’re glad so many are attending to explore the candidates’ views.”

La Crosse nonprofits contribute to the wellbeing of the city, from health care and education to housing and social services. Neighborhoods and the business community are stronger and more vibrant because of the contributions of nonprofits. In this forum, the candidates will address wide-ranging questions about the future of the city’s nonprofits, and have the opportunity to address how local organizations might collaborate to help address the city’s greatest needs.