Riverfront’s Youth Services programs offer a valuable way for children, teens,their families and providers to have a reliable resource that caters to individual needs and facilitates Riverfront’s passion for exceptional service the first time, every time.

Riverfront’s Youth Services program serves children and teens through mentoring, companionship, socialization, and skills training through our Daily Living Skills, Mentoring, After School and Summer Program.

Riverfront’s Youth Services programs revolve around a rich curriculum that focuses on children’s individual needs and allows them to be able to learn and retain life-long skills. These programs will be offered at Riverfront’s Mondovi, Black River Falls, and La Crosse locations.

Youth Programming Offerings:

After School and Summer Program –  incorporates a curriculum structured around meeting individual needs while learning applicable and relevant life skills in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Class topics and activities are constructed by experienced staff members who understand the value of a child’s mental, physical, and emotional health and wellness. Each topic is adjusted to account for every child’s development level and care needs. Riverfront’s Youth Services AS and Summer curriculum works to incorporate practical life skills within every age group. Some examples include: Time and money management, grocery shopping and meal preparation, household responsibilities, team building exercises, and career exploration.

The program teaches community safety and integration and partakes in regular community outings to integrate children into their communities through fun area activities and events while guiding them through skills such as: pedestrian safety, transportation safety, stranger danger, and appropriate public behavior.

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Community Based Day Service (CBDS)-CBDS is a program meant to provide socialization and stimulation while integrating a participant into the community through different activities and groups. Activities and groups can be created and maintained by the direct care staff collaborating with the Service Leader and taking into consideration the viability and practicality of a group or activity. Riverfront’s Community Based Day Service Program is goal-oriented and requires and development plan goal. There are various ratios that CBDS can be authorized under so staff may be with one person or a group depending on the individual funding.

Daily Living Skills (DLS)-DLS is a program in which a participant can learn a specific skill set. Participants in DLS should be encouraged to participate in the skill trying to be obtained as independently as they are willing and capable. DLS is meant to be a short term (usually 6 months) “do with” service. The purpose of DLS is to eventually have the participant be able to complete the task on their own. This requires staff to teach the participant the skill and fade support gradually until the participant is able to do the task on their own. DLS services require a development plan goal.
Supportive Home Care (SHC)-SHC is a service that supports participants in tasks related to the practical upkeep of their well-being and day to day life. These tasks could include things like cleaning, running errands, grocery shopping, socialization if the participant has minimal opportunity otherwise, med checks, etc. SHC is meant to be a “do for” service meaning that the participant can be encouraged to participate in tasks such as cleaning but if they refuse, then the staff is responsible for completing the tasks for the participant. SHC does not require a development plan goal.

To learn more about Riverfront’s Youth Service programming call 608-784-9450 or email info@riverfrontinc.org.