What is the After-School and Summer Program? 

Child Working on His Spelling

Riverfront’s Youth After-School & Summer Program incorporates a curriculum structured around meeting individual needs while learning applicable and relevant life skills in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Class topics and activities are constructed by experienced staff members who understand the value of a child’s mental, physical, and emotional health and wellness. Each topic is adjusted to account for every child’s development level and care needs. Riverfront’s Youth Services AS and Summer curriculum works to incorporate practical life skills within every age group. Some examples include: Time and money management, grocery shopping and meal preparation, personal errands, household responsibilities, team building exercises, and career exploration.

The program teaches community safety and integration and partakes in regular community outings to integrate children into their communities through fun area activities and events while guiding them through skills such as: pedestrian safety, transportation safety, stranger danger, and appropriate public behavior.

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For more information visit https://www.riverfrontinc.org/after-school-summer-program or contact Jimmy Westland at jimmy.westland@riverfrontinc.org or call 608-785-3514.