Participants and staff use exercise balls

Why Give to Riverfront?

The success of programs at Riverfront is clear. You’ll find people who are developing skills and making their own decisions. They are earning paychecks, living independently and making friends. They are happy to leave behind the days when a life in an institution would have dictated every detail of their daily lives. Riverfront believes every person deserves more than an existence; each person should lead a life of dignity, respect and have the opportunity to make choices for themselves.

“If you are able to help out and contribute to Riverfront it helps everyone.”

Kim Noss, participant parent

While the Riverfront budget is modest, the resources needed in order to provide support for individuals with disabilities can be high. It is only through the vision and generosity of contributions of people like you that it becomes possible to provide the level of support each person needs and deserves. Your gifts of time and financial support will:

  • Help individuals learn independent living skills
  • Provide the support needed in landing a job and growing in job skills
  • Make it possible for someone to participate in recreational programs